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Tweeting frequency

I enjoyed the blog post by taoeffect/itistoday/greg at Tao Effect Blog; a good story, well told, and full of enthusiasm (increasingly a scarce commodity in online communities). I noticed that there was a slight increase in activity in the newLISP corner of the Twitterverse as a result: up from one or two twitters a week to 12 in one day.

I thought it would be nice to graph the tweet frequency. I added a short function to the Dragonfly Twitter module to draw a simple bar chart - see it here. However, I'm not too impressed with the effect. I'm not convinced that the choice of bar graph is correct either.

What I'm looking for is some kind of 'bar code' type of graph, where each vertical line represents a point in time to mark each tweet, and any increase in frequency shows up as a cluster of lines closer together. I don't know what this type of graph is called, or how to produce it using Google's chart API, though. If it's not possible, I'll think about drawing one using the HTML5 Canvas element. Help wanted!

Update: I wrote a new graph plug-in, using the HTML canvas. It looks more like the bar-code thing now. Opera doesn't draw the text, but it's OK in FireFox, Safari, and Chrome.


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