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newLISP at Wikibooks: volunteers wanted

I've moved the Introduction to newLISP over to Wikibooks, and you can find it here:

You can find a link to the Print version on that page, which gives a complete view of the entire document, suitable for printing to PDF or saving as HTML.

I've never really looked at Wikibooks before, having spent much more time using Wikipedia. Wikibooks is an attempt to build an open-source library of text books. At present there are nearly 40,000 books available to browse or edit, and I've found some quite interesting books there, although there are many others that didn't look interesting (or that needed serious editing).

Although I have a few reservations about the presentation of texts in Wikibooks (I like more control over the visual appearance of documents, and the output conversions could be better), I think the Wikibooks approach is worth trying for this particular document. Like the WIkipedia and Wikibooks themselves, it's an experiment. I'm hoping that the contributions of others in the newLISP and Wikibooks communities will improve the document and make it more useful.

To take part, all you have to do is visit the home page and have a go at editing. One thing that really needs doing at the moment is a general check of anything where my lack of Windows- knowledge was all too obvious.


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