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googled again

In the top right corner of this page you'll see a search box. This is a custom Google search engine, and it's currently set to search three newLISP-related sites using Google technology: this one, the main newLISP site at, and the newLISP on Noodles wiki. I didn't want to add anyone else's site without their permission or knowledge, but it's easy to add extra sites, so just let me know if you'd like yours added.

So far I've found it fairly useful, and it's meant that I haven't had to write my own blog search tool yet. However, it's been doing odd things with the HTML display of the page, generating thousands of Javascript errors and doing weird stuff like (apparently) loading the page more than once. Also, it fails to find things that I think it should, so I'm not convinced it's as good as Google engineers apparently think it is.

If anyone is at all knowledgeable about what the custom Google search engine is doing with its HTML, please help! The Google engineers can't be bothered to help anyone use their work it seems, so I'm on my own. Perhaps I'll have to write my own search engine after all...!


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