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Smashing the Atom

Despite my attempts to get the Atom news feed working for this site, it still doesn't work. I'm not clear what the problem is - something to do with the way the page is served, rather than the syntax or the content. I've been hunting on the web for information about whether to serve pages with "Content-Type: application/atom+xml" headers or not, followed by carriage returns or not, without a lot of success.

I'll have a go at fixing it in the next week.

I was quite pleased that the code to produce the Atom document was only about 45 lines, though.


I discovered how to make it work: I used a content type of text/xml:

(set '*content-type* "text/xml\n\n")

and claimed that I was generating it using a file called 'atom.cgi', although I'm not.

So now I can put this on my page, apparently:

[Valid Atom 1.0]


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