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I've been fixing a few bugs and tweaking bits of the newLISP code that publishes this page - and starting to document it too using newLISPdoc. If I've broken anything, or need to fix something that isn't working properly, please tell me.

I've adjusted the search code a bit, so that searches examine most of the database. I don't think SQLite has a regular expression search tool, but it seems to work OK without one. The text you type in the box is enclosed in percent signs (the SQLite wild card character equivalent to *), so it will find partial matches in most of the fields. You can type another one in the middle of your search text if you want but it's usually not needed.

The single character wild card (the underscore) can be typed into the box to search for any single character. So "l__z" will find posts and comments containing Liszt and Lutz.

It's also possible to search for posts and comments by date. For example:


will find all posts and comments from May 2006 - all posts and comments are stored by their creation date and time. For some while I was puzzled by why the search found other posts from later in the year, until I realised that posts are stored in HTML, so all the links and attributes are searched as well as the text itself. Any link or reference to an earlier post will provide a match for the search, even though nothing is visible.


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