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A local affair

One minor problem that I encountered when setting up this newLISP-powered site was that, on my own computer, the newLISP binary is installed in /usr/bin/, whereas on the host, it's installed in /usr/local/bin.

To make life easier, you can define a /usr/local/bin/newlisp link on your own system:

 sudo ln -s /usr/local/bin/newlisp /usr/bin/newlisp

and that saves you having to change your newLISP installation when you're testing.

Doing a bit of research it appears that it's considered to be better to install packages like newLISP into /usr/local/bin rather than into the system's own /usr/bin.

Perhaps a future newLISP installer might allow a choice of locations.

Comment from Jeff

You can install it wherever you like if you compile it from the source. Just do ./configure --prefix=/usr/local.

Also, instead of using #!/usr/bin/newlisp or #!/usr/local/bin/newlisp, most modern unixes have env, so you can do #!/usr/bin/env newlisp, which will ask env for the location of newlisp and then use it to execute the file.

Comment from cormullion

Cool - env works. I'll use that to avoid future problems.


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