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Make a Mac app

If you've written some handy applications using newLISP-GS, you might want to make them double-clickable - or runnable - so that they behave like other MacOS X apps. You can do this using a handy little utility called Platypus. Just switch to the Finder, drag your newLISP script over to the Platypus window (into the "Script Path" field) and click Create. Your script is now an application!

Of course, it won't run on another Mac that doesn't have a newLISP 9.2 installation already present: it's just a wrapper (or bundle), rather than a stand-alone app. But it means that you can treat your application in the same way as - or even better than - any other app, such as, say, Microsoft Word. Put it in the Dock, select it using Quicksilver or Launchbar, whatever. You don't have to open a terminal window or an editor to launch it.

I've yet to experiment with all the options (the Run in Background looks like it will launch the wrapper application in the background, leaving just the newLISP-GS application visible), but it's worth noting that you can drag an image to the icon well. This puts a pretty icon onto your new application. I could use the excellent newLISP dragonfly (newlisp128.png) which lurks inside the newLISP-GS distribution, but a special 'application built with newLISP-GS' icon would be worth designing. Until then, a picture of the species Cordulegaster Obliqua (from resting on some unfinished newLISP documentation will suffice:

In a Finder window it looks a bit too fiddly, perhaps?


At 20:03, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice Dragon newlisp Fly ;-)



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