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Greetings and Salutations

Hello everyone! My name is michael,* and I am very happy to be here, a new newLISPer sharing my passion for this freedom-loving language newLISP. I would like to thank cormullion for his generous invitation and the encouragement he gave me from the start. Lastly, rivers of gramercy to Lutz, the author and mastermind behind this brilliant plot to quietly bring LISP to the masses ;-)

I'm an artist (a bricoleur to be exact), and I live with my wife Melissa (director of our local university's Publications Office), in the beautiful state of Oregon in the bewildered US/A. We have a cat, Boland, named after the Irish poet Eavan Boland.

My perspective will probably be a little different from what is typically expected in blogs about a programming language. The programs I generally try to write, and the operative word here is try, serve some creative or personel amusement. If you're expecting cormullion's cool hacks and interesting programs from me, I'm afraid you'll be disappointed. But, if you have some time to kill or you wonder what the application of Dada to programming could mean, then I may just be your cup of fur :-)

m i c h a e l, The Bricologger

*If this reminds you of a song referring to a nickel, then you are probably an oldtimer** like me!

**That is, in Internet years :-)


At 21:06, Blogger newlisper said...

I'm enjoying it already, and you haven't even started yet! ;-)


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